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How Humidifiers with Essential Oils Can Help You Achieve Ultimate Relaxation

The health benefits of running a humidifier in your home are wide ranging and well documented. Whether you’re using it to clear a stuffy nose, moisten pesky dry skin, or anything in between, everyone should have one in their home.

However, did you know that a humidifier that is paired with essential oils can boost your relaxation levels and ultimately help with your mental? Read along here to learn how humidifiers with essential oils can help you achieve the ultimate state of relaxation!

How Humidifiers with Essential Oils Work

The first thing we need to talk about when talking about the benefits of using a humidifier with essential oils is exactly how they work.

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Through a process called aromatherapy, different scents and oils that are extracted from things found in nature like leaves, stems, and roots can be diffused into the air through vapors, and each have different health benefits. The first thing you need is a high-quality humidifier that is paired with an oil diffuser tray in order spread the aroma of your choice.

When these oils are diffused into the air, it can promote healthy brain function, increase relaxation, and boost the body’s natural healing system.

Placed in any room in your house where you spend a lot of time, like the living room, bedroom, or even an office, a humidifier with essential oils can get right to work in improving your state of relaxation.

Next, we are going to look at some of the different essential oils you can pair with your humidifier, and the benefits attached to them!

Common Essential Oils and Their Benefits


Lavender is probably the most commonly known essential oil, and it’s use dates back far into history.

Lavender is used mainly to relieve stress and help the brain calm down from a long day. In addition to essential oils, lavender is often found in candles and other scent diffusers as well.

Tea Tree

As with lavender, you’ve likely heard of tea tree oil. It has many different uses and is even used on skin to remedy different reactions.

Tea tree oil when used in a humidifier is a great tool to boost your immune system and fight infections. When used in this manner, you might show an improvement in your overall health, especially in the winter months.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is one of the essential oils that is a jack of all trades. Its citrusy aroma is not only pleasant but offers some very useful health benefits.

Lemon oil has been shown to aid in digestion, improve your overall mood, and can help people that suffer from chronic headaches. This is a great way to see multiple benefits of essential oils from your humidifier.


Another one of the staples in the aromatherapy world is Chamomile. Like Lavender, it has been widely used for years due to its diverse benefits.

Chamomile is a pleasant aroma that is best used to improve your mood and promote relaxation. This is a great scent to use in your living room or office, to help you better navigate your day.

While there are many more essential oils out there with varying benefits, we wanted to touch on a few of the most popular ones to give you a good place to start.

Benefits of Aromatherapy Humidifiers

Aromatherapy humidifiers that diffuse essential oils have many benefits and are a great way to boost the overall health benefits that traditional humidifiers provide.

One of the biggest benefits of running a humidifier with essential oils is the benefit to your respiratory health. If you suffer from allergies or are fighting a virus, a humidifier paired with tea tree oil can really help you improve your symptoms quickly.

They also are very beneficial at improve the quality of sleep and relaxation you will get each night in the bedroom. When paired with essential oils, a humidifier can help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep throughout the night.

Brain function also benefits from essential oils. Essential oils have been shown to improve your memory and help you concentrate better which makes an aromatherapy humidifier great for your home office or even at work.

Finally, they make your home smell great! If you’ve got pets or kids, your house can sometimes get a little funky, so adding essential oils to your humidifier can be a great way to rid the house of unwanted smells and impress guests when you have a party!

In Closing

Adding a humidifier with essential oils to your home or office is a great way to promote better health and relaxation easily. We highly recommend ditching the traditional humidifier and using one that diffuses essential oils. Your guests and family will thank you!

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