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Is the School System Indoctrinating Or Educating Us?

The question is: Is the school system indoctrination or education? And if it is indoctrination, is it conscious or tacit? Schools that ban discussion of bioethics and religion are teaching students something, but what? What are educators supposed to do? And why should lawmakers interfere with what educators teach? Let’s look at some examples.

First, education points out alternative solutions to a problem, while indoctrination posits a single solution for all issues. Take Nazi Germany, for example. That system had no room for secondary thought. Its schools propagated an ideology that annihilated Jews and other minorities. friendster.biz Ultimately, this was indoctrination. And it is wrong in every form.

It’s easy to see why the anti-Catholic nativists pushed for public education as the central interest of the state. Their goal was to cram Catholic children with Protestant ideas, and make them vote for them when they grow up. But that’s not the only problem with public schools. netlog.biz  We can also see how important they are in developing well-rounded Americans.

The debate has begun over the definition of speech in our schools. Although a bill was passed in Indiana that mandated teachers to discuss various ideologies without favoritism, it was not enacted. Further, the bill made clear that these schools are prohibited from teaching the ideology of Marxism or socialism. It’s easy to see why this bill would fail.

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