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Jane 100m Seriesburnstechcrunch

im new to this but ive heard of the 100m rapid fire single shot range that works like a sniper rifle with no aim points. does it?Jane 100m Seriesburnstechcrunch does it work? ive been told its not for competitive shooting and its not even supposed to be used for competitive shooting. any experience with it? Wrong place, wrong time. The 200m Rapid Fire Single Shot (RFSS) is probably the most misunderstood handgun competition stand-alone weapon in existence. It’s initially been referred to as the ‘100m Sniper Rifle’ on purpose, in an effort to make people think it’s some kind of secret weapon that can only be wielded by a professional sniper. Wrong again… This pistol is nothing more than a defensive sidearm which means it doesn’t qualify as anything other than an everyday companion for many people. So what is it good at, and how can you use it efficiently and effectively? Let’s take a look at what exactly makes this handgun such a useful option for defensive purposes, and why some people might just want to keep their hands off it.

Why use a handgun?

So there are a variety of reasons to use a handgun, whether you’re a law-abiding citizen out for a walk in the woods, a neighborhood watch volunteer, or a self-defence instructor. But the most useful one to me would be to defend your home, your car, and your colleagues in the field. In this day and age, where every move a bit of technology can be used to assist in protecting one’s self and oneself, shooting a gun in self-defence is a great idea. So, why not use it? First, let’s get this ridiculous myth out of the way. What makes a handgun a ‘sniper rifle’ isn’t necessarily something you’ll want to own and shoot, but probably not the best idea either. A sniper is shooting from a tripod, and he’s probably aiming to hit a target about a thousand meters away. A handgun is just as likely to be aimed at your head as your shoulder. But don’t get me wrong, I love shooting my own weapons, but it’s not the same thing. Part of the problem most people have with using a handgun in self-defence is the fact that it’s only ever gonna be point-of-entry. That is, unless you’re a professional marksman or you’re absolutely sure you want to be shot at every second of every day. Target shooting is a must, but so is practicing your shooting prone, which is what most people actually do. But that’s not the case with a handgun. A handgun’s only purpose is to defend you, your home, your car, and your colleagues. So what, then, is the best idea for someone who wants to defend themselves against threats to their life and property?

Help protect your self & the people around you

When someone takes a shots at you, you’re probably gonna have a hard time telling them it’s a mistake because their shots are just as likely to hit your car as your house. And if they’re staying in your neighborhood, there’s a high chance they’ll also be targeting your kids, too. So, if you want to defend yourself and your family, protect your home and your neighborhood from home invasions and attacks by making sure you’ve got a pistol or other defendable object in your car. You don’t have to take out the entire neighborhood, but you should be able to defend your home and any nearby businesses. If someone is breaking into your house, or someone is breaking into your car, you should be able to take them out with a shot from the gun in your car.

Non-lethal means of self defence

There are lots of ways to use your handgun to defend yourself, but one of the most valuable uses is defensive non-lethal means of self-defence. These are self- defence shots that are meant to either incapacitate the attacker or stop them from hurting you. For example, an attacker could be looking to steal your car or your home, or they could be looking to break into your house so they can commit further offences. If they’re looking to break into your home, they’re probably going to want to use a stun gun, which is a shot that makes them completely unconscious while they’re at rest. But if they’re just trying to steal your car, they’re probably going to want to use a taser, which is a stunner that still gives them a fighting chance after they’ve been untrained for tasing.

Expertise for citizens

There are a variety of advantages to owning a handgun for self-defence, but the most useful one for me is being an expert in my own defence. I’ve been shooting my own guns for years, and I’ve honed my shooting technique and spent range time practicing self-defence. Now it’s time to apply all of my skills and defend myself and my neighborhood against home invasions and other threats. Get yourself a Glock 17 or a .38 Special and become a true marksman. The accuracy and marksmanship of a true marksman can often provide greater security than that of a self-defence expert.

How to use the 200m RFSS in practice

First things first, get yourself a gun. If you’re planning on using the gun as a self-defence tool, you need to purchase a gun that meets the shooting rules and regulations. Second, get yourself comfortable using it in the field. If you’re going to use the gun on a range, you’ll want to shoot it through a low-power scope that’s only meant to see as much as ten metres. Make sure that the scope you use is wide enough to see all the details you need, and low enough to not give you a line of sight to the trigger. Third, get yourself some practice shooting prone. Every time you shoot a gun, you’re actually aiming to push the gun out of your hand slightly and into the air so that you’re less likely to accidentally shoot yourself. So, make sure you’re shooting your gun at a consistent and appropriate level to be used as your primary self- defence weapon.


The benefits of a handgun over the long-term don’t stop with the advantages of being a marksman and having excellent accuracy. The pistol also has many advantages for home protection, such as being able to defend against domestic and foreign threats. Though it might seem like a no-brainer to own a gun for self-defence, there are many reasons why some people might not want to own a gun for self-defence. These include a desire to keep their hands off their guns, being afraid of crime, and a desire to defend themselves against any threats. If you’re able to convince them otherwise, it’s one less thing to worry about.