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jaw reduction surgery sculpt the face

jaw reduction surgery It is a surgery that consists of two main methods: removal of the angle of the lower jaw bone. to make the lower face shape more slender and soft Another method is The hysterectomy of the lower jaw bone is the removal of the outermost three layers of bone structure to make the lower face smaller. 

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Want to cut off the bone angle of lower jaw out This effectively reduces the angularity of the lower jaw. and at times this angle of the lower jaw bone is spreading out laterally. make width and the face looks square when viewed from the straight face. The angle of the jaw will help to make the face look more slender. This type of surgery can be performed through the entire mouth ulcer. and requires special tools to cut the bone in the mouth But sometimes surgery is done through an incision outside the mouth. This is easier to do, but the disadvantage is the scarring. This becomes more apparent when the jaw is cut off. They are also at risk of injury. Nerves nearby therefore, Therefore, oral incision surgery is more popular. It only requires the expertise of the surgeon and the right tools to do it safely.

 problems that may be encountered from jaw reduction surgery

  1. The birth of a new view of the mandibular bone This can occur as a result of improper dissection of the bone. Usually, the cutting line of the bone at the jaw angle should not be straight. because it will cause an angle to occur at the joint of the excised and uncut jaw bone Even if the bone has been smoothed Therefore, the proper method of cutting bone should be cut into a long arc, chasing from below the earlobe. It continues until the position that connects to the chin bone.
  2. sensory nerve injury numbness of the lower lip and chin after jaw reduction surgery It’s a common thing. But most of them are caused by pulling the nerve causing mild injury that numbness is temporary But if the injury is caused by cutting or tearing of the nerve itself Numbness is severe and persistent. Therefore, in jaw reduction surgery, direct injury to the nerve must be prevented. Reducing the chance of injury is often possible. by doing a simple x-ray Or if it’s good to do computer x-rays. will tell more accurately. Then a soft surgery was performed with the use of instruments. appropriately to prevent injuries which will greatly reduce this problem.
  3. Fracture of the jaw bone is cut the lower jaw bone The most suitable method is to completely cut the bone with a sawing tool. pulling out that bone fragment, unable to cut the bone completely then break a piece of bone It may cause fractures of bone fragments in an unwanted direction. Especially if the fracture continues to the jawbone. can cause a fracture which needs to be corrected by bone alignment and fixed with steel clamps. the jawbone May be combined with teeth after surgery which makes life difficult And it can get even more difficult without familiarity with the treatment of jaw fractures. can cause serious problems
  4. Injuries of the facial veins and nerves around the mandibular bone have multiple aorta. Both arteries and arteries Including the facial nerve that serves to move the facial muscles If during surgery there is an injury to the tissue above the bone. Injury to these veins can lead to massive blood loss during surgery. and if facial nerve injury will cause the loss of muscle function The corner of the mouth is crooked. or unable to raise an eyebrow
  5. The two sides are not equal. It is a very common but minor condition. and caused by swelling in the beginning which does not need to be equally swollen. If you wait until the swelling subsides, the inequality tends to get better until you can’t see it. But if there are still many differences Have to come back to see how unequal it was before surgery. Maybe the inequality is better now. But there are still some left. The surgery is very unequal. caused by not being able to see this problem in the first place or there was a mistake during the surgery which, if so, may be necessary. had to undergo further surgery.
  6. The face is not as slender as expected. To reduce the size of the face to be slender sometimes there is a limitation. Because of the reduction of only the facial bone May not be able to reduce the size of the face much. It depends on the shape of the head and the structure of the face. Therefore, if the analysis is not performed well, there is too much hope for the surgical recipient. will cause problems

Face contouring surgery may require other surgeries as well for more effective results. Such as 9.surgery to reduce the size of the cheek muscles, to remove the buccal fat. or liposuction of the face and neck, may include facelift surgery in the case of facial prolapse, etc. These items should be analyzed by the surgeon and report the risk including the limitations Estimate the outcome of the surgery appropriately. with the surgical recipient so that there will be no exaggeration of expectations. and there is a problem: Dissatisfaction can follow.

 Chin surgery must rely on a professional surgeon.

 The “chin” is considered very important. because it is a part that determines the length and the slender face If the face is short, short chin, wide and large chin, adjusting the chin to make it longer, narrower and more slender. will help promote the face Looks more slender and attractive There are several methods of chin surgery, from surgery to implant silicone material which is easy to do. But sometimes it can’t correct many deformities of the chin, such as protruding backwards. or the base of the chin is very wide, so the chin surgery that restructures Chin bone will be a better solution.

3 V-LINE surgery procedure

If you have chin surgery to make your face slimmer along with jaw reduction surgery in order to have a slender, balanced face It is called V-line surgery, which may be popular nowadays for a chin shape that is not too pointed. Therefore, it may be called U-line surgery. Based on the analysis of the condition of the original chin And the prediction of the proper chin shape since before the surgery leads to the correct surgery method. To reduce the width of the chin bone The chin bone will be cut into a T-shape and the middle chin bone will be removed. then move the chin bone sides come together Then smoothing other parts of the bone, then fixing the chin bone with suitable orthopedic implants. V-line surgery has reduced the serrations, jaw angle and width of the chin bone. Simultaneously in people whose chin is too long want to reduce the length of the chin bone will cut out the part of the chin bone in the height will make the face look shorter Then smoothing other parts of the jawbone and fixing the chin bone such as Same as chin reduction surgery The chin bone was removed. making the chin shorter and slimmer

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