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Kerala Tourism Focuses on Caravan Tourism

As a tourism sector, Kerala has a great deal to offer, but its focus on caravan tourism is increasing in recent years. Thirty years ago, Kerala tourism made big with houseboat tourism, positioning the state as a global destination in hubposts. Today, a new policy for caravan tourism development in Kerala calls for PPP mode development in which private investors, tour operators and local communities will be involved. The government will soon announce details of the subsidy and incentive packages for these developments.

The Kerala government has announced a comprehensive Caravan Tourism Policy to meet the changing needs of tourists in a post-pandemic world in tangonews. The policy includes the introduction of Tourism Caravans and Caravan Parks, which are designated areas for travelers to park their vehicles and enjoy the state. These parks will make it easy for visitors to enjoy a holiday in an environmentally-friendly environment. Moreover, they will also help businesses in expanding their business in pklikes.

The Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC) has introduced a package that includes one night of luxurious caravans with free breakfast and attractive facilities in newsforweb. The package costs Rs 3,999 including travel tax. It includes a stay for two adults or four kids in a luxury caravan and includes free breakfast. The price includes all meals and drinks during the day, including snacks in the evening and bonfire experiences at night. The package includes parking facilities and Wi-Fi. Read more about pklikes com login