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What Are Some Cheap Watches?

When shopping for a new watch, it is always best to buy something with good quality at an affordable price. You can find some quality watches for under $100, ranging from a budget watch to a luxurious one. Before you purchase a watch, consider your lifestyle, since some watches don’t suit the office or a business suit. If you plan to wear it to the beach, make sure it’s water resistant. When buying watches under $100, appearance is the most important factor.

Look for a watch with a metal case and rubber strap. A watch with a metal case and a rubber strap is much more likely to be durable than a leather strap. A watch that looks like an expensive timepiece may not function properly. In such cases, a cheap quartz watch is best. Quartz watches do not have the aesthetic appeal of mechanical watches, but they are better at keeping time. Quartz watches are also typically available in the same price range.

While inexpensive watches are not as good as luxury timepieces, they are definitely worthy of your time. There are plenty of high-quality watches for less than $1000, and some even have cult followings among horology nerds and everyday men. Some of the more affordable watches from reputable Japanese brands and new up-and-coming innovators are also worth looking into. Remember, however, that a cheap watch does not have to have shoddy materials or falling hands after a month of use.

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