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What is an Exceptional Film About Style?

What is an extraordinary film about style? It might surprise you to know that the Oscar-winning film “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” is also about style. The film tells the story of Tracy Chambers, played by Diana Ross, who becomes a model in Rome and changes her name to “Mahogany” in the process. The film is a brilliant reflection of Seventies fashion and the emergence of African-American models and designers.

The costumes in this psychological thriller are nothing short of spectacular. Jane Fonda wears a shimmering silver swimsuit in “Barbarella.” The film’s costume designer Catherine Martin rallies her contacts to pull off the costumes in Baz Luhrmann’s adaptation. Brooks Brothers supplied 1,200 suits, Miuccia Prada created 40 dresses, and Tiffany & Co designed the diamond ’20s-era headpieces worn by Carey Mulligan’s Daisy.

The style of this 1960 crime drama is a must-see. Its star Jean-Paul Belmondo and actress Jean Seberg ooze style, and the film is one of the most stylish films about style. Its wit is heightened by the gorgeous ensembles worn by the characters. The film is not without controversy, but it was a groundbreaking film that launched French New Wave cinema and epitomized French dash.

Annie Hall is another classic that features stylish characters. The romantic comedy from Woody Allen has the same offbeat comic timing and sartorial flair as the real-life crime story. The costumes in Annie Hall were inspired by the wardrobe of Diane Keaton, who reportedly had a say in the movie’s wardrobe. The film is a cult classic and has been acclaimed for its style. If you’re into style, you’ll be enthralled by the film’s sartorial panache.