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Why R22 Gas Prices Are On The Rise

R22 gas prices are on the rise, and many people are wondering what is causing this increase. The truth is, there are a few factors that are contributing to the rising cost of r22 gas. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the reasons why the r22 gas price is increasing, and how you can find relief from high prices.

The production of r22 is being phased out

In 2020, the production of r22 gas is being phased out. This is due to regulations set forth by the Montreal Protocol, which aims to reduce the emissions of ozone-depleting chemicals. As of 2020, the production and use of r22 have been restricted and the supply will be dwindling until its complete ban in 2030. 

This phase-out of r22 will lead to an increase in prices as the availability of r22 decreases. This is because fewer companies are producing the gas, leading to limited supply and increased demand for the product. As a result, the price of r22 gas is expected to continue rising until its complete phase-out.

The use of r22 is being phased out

The use of r22, or HCFC-22, is being phased out under the Montreal Protocol and the Clean Air Act. This protocol is designed to help reduce the damage done to the Earth’s ozone layer. R22 is used in a variety of applications, including air conditioning, refrigeration, foam-blowing agents, and aerosol propellants. However, its use has been greatly reduced because it can deplete the ozone layer and contributes to global warming. 

Given the environmental concerns related to r22, it is no surprise that it is being phased out. The regulations that have been put in place are a necessary step towards protecting our environment and preserving the ozone layer. Unfortunately, these regulations are raising prices and reducing the amount of available supply. It’s crucial to comprehend the implications of these rules so that you can choose wisely regarding your cooling requirements.

The supply of r22 is limited

Since 2010, the production of r22 gas has gradually ceased due to international regulations. This has caused the market’s supply of r22 gas to gradually decline. The demand for r22 is still strong, so any remaining supplies are being depleted quickly. R22’s supply is consequently getting more and more scarce, and prices have started to rise as a result. 

Additionally, because r22 is an HCFC gas, it is categorized as an ozone-depleting substance. This indicates that the amount of gas that can be released into the atmosphere is governed by international regulations. There is no way for producers to increase the supply of r22 because it is already finite. R22’s availability will thus remain constrained until a variety of substitutes become widely accessible. 

The demand for r22 is high

It is getting harder for businesses and consumers to find r22 because the production of refrigerant is being phased out. R22 still has a significant market despite being classified as an ozone-depleting substance and having its use phased out. This is due to the fact that a lot of cooling and refrigeration systems were created to use r22 and necessitate its use in order to function properly. The only way to keep these systems operating for organizations and individuals who have them is to buy fresh r22. Unfortunately, this leads to high demand and increasing prices. 


Several factors have contributed to the rising cost of r22 fuel. R22 production is being phased out, so there is only a finite amount of the substance left. The demand for r22 is high because it is being phased out along with the use of r22. As a result, prices are steadily increasing, and will continue to do so until the phase-out is complete. If you have any equipment that uses r22 gas, it is important to budget for the rising costs, or to consider an alternative solution.